R155a: Playmobil Circus

Key data

Category: Roleplay - Roleplay

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 3-5 years; 5+ years

Number of pieces: 31

Number of unique pieces: 17


1 Red and yellow base (turns)

2 Red rails for tightrope stands

1 Orange tightrope frame

2 Black tightrope bases

1 Grey tight rope with white ball/clips on ends

1 Orange balance pole with metal weighted ends

1 Black steps

2 Red horse jumps

4 Acrobats in reds

3 White horses

1 Orange trapeze/unicycle

1 Black see-saw

1 Black see-saw base

3 Performers in pink & purples

3 Purple saddles on horses

3 Black juggling rings

1 Black/grey tightrope stand (one end only)


Description: All the fun of the circus with acrobats, horses, tightrope and circus ring

Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: This toy contains small parts and is only suitable for children aged 3 and over