B52: Lego Duplo Community Vehicles

Key data

Category: Building - Building

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 18 mnths-3 yrs; 3-5 years

Number of pieces: 32

Number of unique pieces: 24


1 Red motorbike (1 currently missing)

1 Red back of ambulance (16 bumps)

1 Red body of front end loader (1 currently missing)

2 Red vehicle wheel bases

1 Pink car body

3 Orange witches hats

1 Orange trailer base (2 wheel)

1 Yellow loader

1 Yellow dump truck bucket

1 Blue trailer bucket

1 Blue truck body

1 Blue police car body

1 Person (white shirt purple pants)

1 Truck driver with red hat

1 Doctor

1 Policeman

1 Hook for tow truck

1 Black connector for dump truck bucket

3 Car lights (blue and grey)

1 Grey connector for tow truck hook

1 Grey tow truck base

3 Grey vehicle wheel bases

2 White vehicle body (ambulance, tow truck)

1 White ambulance back door

Sponsor: Narrogin Child Health Centre Grants

Description: Lego Community Vehicles set

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