B48: Motorised Train Set

Key data

Category: Building - Building

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 3-5 years; 5+ years

Number of pieces: 42

Number of unique pieces: 12


1 Purple 'Charlie' train with carriage attached (contains battery)

1 Red 'James' train with carrigae attached (contains battery)

3 Grey carriages

1 Green and cream carriage (1 currently missing)

2 Bases with round coloured cargos

8 Bisecting tracks (various shapes)

1 Stop/Go control track

10 Curved tracks

10 Long straight tracks

1 Short straight track (1 currently missing)

2 Red bumpers

2 Piece plastic crate with lids


Description: Build your own track layout then watch the trains work

Alerts and warnings