B36: Animated model build and play

Key data

Category: Building - Building

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 3-5 years; 5+ years

Number of pieces: 53

Number of unique pieces: 24


2 Plastic boxes


1 Blue body

1 Red cabin

1 Red/blue smoke stack

4 Purple train wheels

12 Red screws

1 Yellow square flat roof

1 Green smoke stack circle

1 Yellow train grill

2 Green wheels tracks


1 Red body frame(white axles)

1 Green cab piece

1 White windscreen

1 Yellow square block(purple engine)

1 Red back bumper

1 Red front bumper

1 yellow spoiler

4 Blue wheels (2 currently missing)

10 Yellow screws

2 SCREWDRIVER(handle and bit)

3 POWERDRILL(Green handle, yellow drill bit, yellow socket bit)

1 Schematic diagram


Description: Use the electric tools to build models that are sturdy enough to play with. Instrucions are also included.

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